How many interviews are you getting?

Typically it is 2 to 5% of the number of resumes you send out. What if you could bring that up
to 25%? 50%? 100%?  We know how and our testimonials and success stories prove it.

Here's how we work with you until you get that job...

  • Powerful marketing tools that have worked time and time again to get you recognized.

  • Resume & Cover Letter- We will critique,  revise, and 're-create' together with you a
        no fluff, accomplishments oriented resume and cover letter that will get you noticed
        demonstrate your true value, and get you in front of decision makers.          

  • Interview Preparation - We will spend time prepping you on the rarely used but highly
    effective 'consultive interviewing' technique that gets amazing results, and second
    interviews. We will train you on  how  to turn interview questions into powerful tools to  
    fully demonstrate your strengths and value to the employer. We will  build up your
    confidence and ease your anxiety. We will even record  the 'mock' interview on CD for
    you to practice with.

  • Counseling & Support - We are here to listen, advise, motivate and offer support.
    Thinking about changing careers? Just been fired or laid off?  Having personal access
    to a  brutally honest and caring  professional to field your questions can be an  
    invaluable tool to keep you sharp and motivated to get that job.

  • With you all the way - We are committed to working with you until you're hired. We
    understand the frustrations, roadblocks, rejection letters. We also know the importance
    of 'thinking outside the box', staying motivated, taking the 'road less travelled', Internet
    search techniques beyond the popular job boards, how to perform a 'direct approach'
    to getting hired, and even secrets and techniques that Headhunters use to get to the
    decision makers. Think like a Headhunter!

Free 20 minute consultation:
Simply pick up the phone and call us or go to  our
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resume. We will contact you and give you an assessment at no charge.
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